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Facebook Started Blocking Searches for Marijuana-Related Pages

Facebook recently implemented a block on marijuana-related page searches. For most people, typing “marijuana” or “cannabis” into the search bar shows users a message saying, “We couldn’t find anything for marijuana.” Even if users search a legal marijuana business’s page by its name, it often won’t come up in a search. To get to these […]

Jamaica’s First Marijuana Retail Store Opens

EPICAN celebrated the grand opening of its retail marijuana seed store in Jamaica. It is the first company to be awarded a marijuana cultivation, processing and medical marijuana retail license by Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority. The products offered at the store are all from Jamaican soil, according to Caribbean Life News. The owners took a […]

The World’s First Marijuana Breathalyzer Has Arrived

Hound Labs has created the world’s first THC breathalyzer. The device can detect if someone has used THC within the last 2 hours. The breathalyzer doubles as an alcohol breathalyzer as well, NPR reports.  The test requires a 30-second exhale into the machine that will indicate whether THC is present or not. Once the breath […]

85% Support for Nationwide Medical Marijuana Legalization, Poll Finds

A recent HealthDay/Harris Poll’s results indicate that Americans show strong support for medical marijuana with roughly 85% support. The poll also shows 57% support for recreational marijuana legalization, according to HealthDay. Four out of five respondents agree that medical marijuana should be treated like any other medication – including its regulation. Paul Armentano of NORML […]

Portugal Approves the Use of Marijuana-Based Medicines

Doctors in Portugal will soon be able to prescribe medical marijuana for patients. The prescriptions can only be filled at pharmacies, and patients will not be permitted to grow. Several conditions including chronic pain, cancer and PTSD are on the list of qualifying conditions, the Portuguese American Journal reports. The new law is expected to […]

New Study Has Participants Smoke Marijuana and Then Try to Drive

The University of California San Diego’s Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research is studying the effects of stoned driving via simulation. Participants smoke marijuana and then use a driving simulator to gauge their impairment. The California Legislature approved the study between the university and California Highway Patrol. Each joint consumed by the participants varies in THC […]

Marijuana Investors Are Being Banned from Crossing Border

Sam Znaimer is a Vancouver resident. He’s a venture capitalist that has a 30-year investment history. Znaimer invests in the U.S. marijuana industry but was recently detained and questioned for 4-hours while trying to enter the U.S. from Canada. Because Znaimer invests in U.S. marijuana companies, the U.S. government claims he is “assisting and abetting […]

Brewing Beer from Cannabis Plants in Canada

Cannabis-infused beers, wines and spirits already exist in several cannabis markets. But what about a beer actually brewed from cannabis? Province Brands in Canada is actually making its new beer using the entire cannabis plant. Each beer is said to have 6.5mg of THC and no alcohol, Esquire reports. The alcohol is removed, so it’s […]