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Survey Finds Marijuana Use and Arrests Have Increased in Japan

The National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry released survey data showing that about 1.3 million Japanese residents between the ages of 15 and 64 have used marijuana. Surveys regarding substance abuse started in 1995, with the most recent survey conducted between September and October 2017. Since the last survey conducted this represents an increase of […]

Synthetic Pharmaceutical CBD Gets Approval from FDA Advisory Panel

The FDA’s advisory panel has voted unanimously to recommend the synthetic marijuana drug Epidiolex for approval. Epidiolex, manufactured by G.W. Pharmaceuticals in the United Kingdom, is synthetic CBD that has shown promising results by reducing epileptic seizures by 44%. The recommendation is not binding, but it is customary for the FDA to follow through with […]

Bill Protecting Medical Marijuana States Approved by Senate Committee

The Senate Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Bill includes a provision protecting state-legal medical marijuana businesses, and the Senate Appropriations Committee voted to approve the bill on June 14. The provision prohibits the Justice Department (DOJ) from interfering with compliant, state-legalized medical marijuana laws and businesses. The House’s version of the bill which contains similar […]

Senate Committee Passes Farm Bill with Federal Hemp Legalization

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, which includes legalizing hemp cultivation nationwide, was passed 20-1 by the Senate Agriculture Committee on June 13. A full Senate vote is expected before Congress’ July 4 recess. The House is struggling with passing a farm bill, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is hopeful that the House will […]

CBD Can Help Cigarette Smokers Quit, Study Finds

A new study completed by the Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit of University College London found that cannabidiol (CBD) may be helpful for those trying to quit smoking. CBD displayed the ability to ease withdrawal symptoms. Participants were grouped into CBD and placebo-based regimens, with the CBD regimen getting 800mg doses of CBD, Newsweek reports. The study noticed […]

Colorado Governor Vetoes Marijuana ‘Consumption Rooms’ Bill

Colorado’s House Bill 1258, which would approve marijuana consumption rooms in Colorado, was vetoed by Governor John Hickenlooper. In a June 4 announcement he cited public health and safety concerns as his reasoning. Representative Jonathan Singer sponsored the legislation. The goal of the legislation was to provide a safe place to consume legal marijuana purchases […]

Researchers Find Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Heal Eczema

Research conducted at the University of Colorado indicates that CBD is helpful in treating eczema and its associated symptoms, making it a viable alternative to commonly prescribed steroid medications. Researchers found that CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties help topically calm eczema. Lead researcher Dr. Robert Dellavalle said, “There’s a large segment of the population that […]

Trump Signs ‘Right to Try’ Act and It Includes Marijuana

On May 30, President Trump signed the “Right to Try Act” into law. With this legislation, those that are terminally ill will have the option of using experimental medications that the FDA hasn’t approved yet, including marijuana. The new legislation allows doctors to recommend medications for terminally ill patients that have passed at least the […]

New Forecast Sees High Times Ahead for U.S. Marijuana Industry

In 2017, sales totaled to about $6.2 billion between the U.S. medical and recreational marijuana markets. It is estimated that U.S. marijuana sales could more than triple to $22 billion by 2022. California’s new legal market is partially responsible for the drastic increase, reports Entrepreneur.  In 2017, California’s sales alone were $2.7 billion, and according […]