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A Synopsis of the Primary Types of Marijuana Concentrates

Marijuana concentrate is obtained by extracting only the pure THC and/or CBD from marijuana. The most common use for marijuana oil is for making edibles and vaping solutions. Some concentrates are stickier and harder to work with than others, which make a great consistency for dabbing. Wax Wax is one of the stickiest concentrates made […]

Jan 19th Deadline Will Determine Fate of All State Medical Marijuana Programs

The current federal spending bill remains in effect while Congress works on a compromise, but the deadline of January 19 is looming over medical marijuana patients, employees and business owners in states across the country because it is still undecided if the new bill will re-include the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment that currently prevents the federal government […]

The Future of Cannabis Research Is a Cargo Van in Colorado

The University of Colorado Boulder has a new marijuana research lab, and it’s not your traditional facility. You don’t walk into a large, fancy building; instead, you slide open the door on a retrofitted cargo van. The CannaVan was built to help the university conduct research on the effects of marijuana use on humans, according […]

2018 Is High Times for Many Californians and Tourists

Recreational sales of marijuana became legal January 1 in California. The dispensary 420 Central in Santa Ana opened its doors at 7 a.m. on January 1, and Robert Taft Jr., the founder of 420 Central, said, “We were bombarded!” Within two hours of opening, over 100 customers made their first legal purchases, Los Angeles Times […]

7 Marijuana Strains to Heighten Your Holiday Munchies

The holiday season is the time of year when homes are full of indulgent goodies, comfort foods and grandiose family meals. You can still enjoy all the delicious delights of the holidays with the help of these seven appetite-inducing marijuana strains: Goo – a powerful indica that is known to tackle intense muscle spasms. It […]

6 Marijuana-Themed Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas

What do you buy for a marijuana lover or medical marijuana patient for Christmas? Something marijuana-themed, of course! Get creative and use several items to create a themed stocking or gift basket. Everything suggested can be purchased online without the need of a medical marijuana card. Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer Sometimes you need a way […]