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Study: Majority of Doctors Support Medical Marijuana for Children

A recently published study in Pediatrics found that 85% of doctors that can prescribe medical marijuana would do so for children with cancer. These doctors also stated they don’t support smokable medical marijuana for children. There is strong support for clinical trials to research children using medical marijuana, according to Forbes. Support is stronger when children […]

Win Medical Marijuana Arguments by Citing These 4 Studies

Many people still believe marijuana has no medicinal value although science is catching up to what has been known for hundreds of years: marijuana has medicinal properties. Win marijuana-related discussions with your friends and family this holiday season by citing the scientific studies noted below. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system that regulates mood, memory, […]

Marijuana-Infused Foods to Heighten the Holidays

Marijuana-infused foods are becoming more popular around the country–and for good reason! While pre-made marijuana-infused foods and can be purchased at dispensaries, people can also add marijuana oil as an ingredient in recipes at home. Marijuana-infused foods will help make the holidays a bit more entertaining for everyone involved! Here are a some ideas: Infused […]

Alcohol Sales Drop in States with Medical Marijuana Laws

As medical marijuana becomes legal in more states the alcohol market is declining. Researchers at the University of Connecticut and Georgia State University collaborated on a study and found there to be a 15% decrease in alcohol sales in medical marijuana states. The study is in line with others as it indicates that marijuana legalization […]

Sessions Hints Crackdown Is Coming for Recreational Marijuana States

On Wednesday, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions publicly stated that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will likely come after recreational marijuana states. This time his remarks come on the heels of California legalizing recreational marijuana, which takes effect in January 2018. Previously, Sessions and some DOJ officials said they’d uphold the guidance of the Cole […]

Marijuana Parody of a Pharmaceutical Commercial Goes Viral

Briteside, a Portland-based marijuana company, created a parody commercial themed around pharmaceutical companies’ drug commercials. The video advertises the side effects of marijuana use being “euphoria and uncontrollable giggling.” In just days, the video was viewed over 400,000 times. The video brought thousands of new customers to Briteside, Forbes reports. It’s difficult to advertise for […]

DEA Classifies New Synthetic THC Drug as Schedule II Substance

A synthetic THC product has been ruled safer than nature-made marijuana. The DEA has officially listed the drug, Syndros, as a Schedule II substance, which allows doctors to prescribe it. Meanwhile, marijuana remains a Schedule I substance. Syndros is made by Insys Therapuetics, the Arizona-based maker of fentanyl, the most potent, addictive and deadly opioid-based drug […]