81% of U.S. Adults Believe Marijuana Has at Least 1 Health Benefit

Marijuana Health

A recent national survey published in the Annals of Internal Medicine says that 81% of American adults believe marijuana is beneficial to their health. The most popular health benefit was pain management, with 66% of participants agreeing.

The treatment of diseases such as MS and epilepsy were just behind pain management at 48%, according to The Washington Post. The survey found the most common risk associated with marijuana use is its federal illegality, with 52% of respondents selecting the risk. When it came to depression, anxiety and stress, 47% say that marijuana helps.

The survey also asked about other risks such as memory issues and addiction in order to gauge public perception. Nearly 42% said that impaired memory is a risk while 50% said addiction is a risk concern.

This survey’s results are similar to results in other polls which show a pro-marijuana shift in the public’s perception of marijuana.