Marijuana Breathalyzer for Police and Public Use Launching in Early 2018

DUI Cannabis

Hound Labs has been working on a marijuana breathalyzer device for a couple of years, and the company is now in its final stages of testing. Their breathalyzers should be available late spring or early summer 2018.

Anyone, as well as law enforcement agencies, will be able to buy the breathalyzer, NBC Bay Area reports. The device is designed to measure THC in parts-per-trillion in an individual’s breath.

The breathalyzer can (supposedly) detect if someone has used marijuana within the last couple of hours rather than just having used marijuana at some point in the recent past. Current testing processes only indicate if THC is in a person’s blood, not if they’re actually under the influence at that exact moment.

Mike Lynn, CEO of Hound Labs said, “It’s a huge technological and scientific challenge that we had to overcome. It took us a few years to overcome, but we figured it out and we can measure just a few particles of THC, so it’d be like measuring a few drops of water in a hundred swimming pools put together.”

Hound Labs’ breathalyzer will cost between $500 and $1,000.

Photo: houndlabs