Vaping Is Quickly Overtaking the Marijuana Industry (And for Good Reasons)


Vaping is a convenient, discreet, cleaner and easier way to use marijuana than smoking, which is why it’s popularity is increasing so rapidly.

The legal marijuana industry is now estimated at nearly $7 billion, and vape products make for a big chunk of it. In 2016, in California, almost 25-percent of sales in the industry were for vape cartridges, according to Business Insider.

Eaze, a marijuana delivery service in California, tracked sales of various marijuana products and, from 2015 through 2016, flower sales dropped by 21-percent, while vape products quickly grew. In 2015, vaporizer cartridge sales were just 6-percent of products sold in the industry, but in 2016, that number grew to 24-percent, a 400% increase.

In Colorado, Washington and Oregon, vape cartridge and concentrate sales also increased.

Concentrate sales growth in 2016:

  • Colorado – 57%
  • Washington State – 194%
  • Oregon – 105%

Edibles and pre-rolls are close behind vaping’s popularity.

Photo: AirVape