Former NFLer Is Suing Jeff Sessions and DEA to Legalize Marijuana


Former Jets player Marvin Washington is suing Attorney Jeff Sessions to decriminalize marijuana. There are five plaintiffs listed in the federal lawsuit, including Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Agency.

The main challenge of the claim is the constitutionality of the Controlled Substances Act that went into effect in 1970, New York Post reports. The reason for Washington bringing suit is that the classification of marijuana prevents him from obtaining grants to open a business. The business would provide medical marijuana to professional football players for pain management in lieu of opioids.

In the suit, it says, “Classifying cannabis as a ‘Schedule I drug’ is so irrational that it violates the U.S. Constitution.”

Attorney Michael Hiller, representing the plaintiffs, said, “The record makes clear that the CSA doesn’t make any rational sense and the federal government knows it.”

Photo: NYDailyNews